About us

Who we are

Mavis Miki is a Canadian brand founded by Pearl Sin, a mother of two beautiful girls, Mavis and Mikaela (aka Mavis Miki). 

We love hosting parties and entertaining family and friends at our house. When it comes to home and kitchenware, we look for simple yet functional products. We were searching for kitchenware with a sleek and refined appearance to elevate our home. However, we were having trouble finding products on the market that satisfied both our aesthetic and practical needs. 

Thus, we decided to create a collection of clean, simple, and stylish home and kitchen products, designed to bring joy to your home.

What we believe

We believe home is a place to eat, chill, play, work, and entertain. Mavis Miki brings you the finest quality home and kitchen products to help your home cooking experience be more fun and enjoyable. 

Quality is our top priority. We carefully select our manufacturers from around the world to ensure that each of our home and kitchen products are created with the highest standard. We test all of our products meticulously before launch.